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Twisted Cloud's hosted VoIP service gives you the confidence to conduct your business knowing that your communications solution is reliable, cost efficient and will transition seamlessly as your company expands. Hosted PBX for business provide remarkable savings, privacy, convenience, mobility and reliability. A flawless communication system that delivers in real time is essential to increased productivity. The hosted VoIP technology is capable of handling functions that free you and your employees to accomplish other necessary tasks, reducing your overhead costs. Using a hosted PBX solution allows your business to:

  • Remain current with leading edge technology
  • Avoid the burden of expensive, obsolete equipment
  • Work optimally with lower cost Business Grade DSL internet service
  • Benefit from the high quality of service for voice and data delivery


For  $20/month per extension we offer transcription of voice mails!  No more listening to emails that go on forever, simply read the transcribed message without all the extraneous information!


Most businesses function using public Internet and can struggle with low levels of bandwidth and data transfer speeds. You may also be dealing with rogue computers and viruses that affect the quality of VoIP service you are receiving.


Twisted Cloud understands networks and has the expertise to engineer a solution that is a custom fit for your small or mid-size business. A hosted PBX VoIP solution has all the right advantages because:

  • We provide the bandwidth using our own circuits
  • The potential for weak or interrupted service due to equipment failure is removed
  • You are no longer at the mercy of unknown factors beyond your control
  • You have more cost effective bandwidth options
  • You have the option to choose the number of lines, extensions and features that will best support your business requirements.


You can easily transfer satellite and remote office systems to come together in a unified hosted VoIP solution without high capital expenditures and replacing expensive equipment. All of your voice and digital communications data can be consolidated into a simple, intuitive, user-friendly format, saving you money and giving you the time to focus on the growth of your business.

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