Hosted Sharepoint

Key Microsoft SharePoint Site Hosting Features:

Browser based content administration: You manage your  hosted SharePoint web site content using your internet browser.  With per  item security for better data control and integrity, hosted  SharePoint 3.0  has enhanced  flexibility for storing more types of content.

Mobility: Access hosted SharePoint sites and content from  mobile devices using a modern micro-browser and an access gateway.

Templates: Hosted  SharePoint templates for WSS 3.0 provide out-of-the-box custom scenarios.   Microsoft SharePoint templates available through your SharePoint web site can be applied  to common business tasks like tracking a sales campaign or managing helpdesks.

Store Documents online: Everybody can access documents  which are stored centrally on the hosted SharePoint WSS.  SharePoint 2010 hosting integrates naturally  and seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications.

Blogs: With hosted SharePoint WSS 3.0, staff members can  use blogs to share information and document thoughts on a particular  discussion.

Calendars: Everyone can share calendars and add tasks  with completion dates to your hosted SharePoint web site with absolute control  of access to specific calendars.

Task Management: Employees can share tasks, list of tasks  with the project members, and create or assign tasks easily with Microsoft SharePoint  site hosting.  The task list can be shared by everybody on the project to  monitor the development of the project on an ongoing basis.

Create Documents Online: Using Microsoft SharePoint 3.0 hosting,  each person can create documents, sheets and presentations online using the  SharePoint hosting services.

Contact List: You can synchronize the contact list with  your Outlook and mobile phone. You can share the contact information with other  members of your site.

Announcements: You can make announcements for everyone  accessing your Intranet.  News items such as a tradeshows or high sales  months can also be announced to everyone at once through your hosted SharePoint  web site.

Feeds: Users can subscribe to RSS feeds and new RSS feeds  can be created.

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